health_headhealth_headOur search for new forms of therapy is lead by the vision to understand the complex and integrated system of the body. The aim is to drive positive change on the molecular level of cells, tissues and organs to achieve appropriate reactions from the body.

The GOLDIC® – therapy is an innovative technology that allows treatments without side-effects in autologous, that is endogenous system.

The GOLDIC® – technology facilitates a special form of personalized medicine. It is anti-inflammatory, it reduces pain, activates and differentiates autologous stem cells and stimulates endogenous REGENERATION thereby.

GOLDIC® stands for: specially designed Gold particle Induced Cytokine (Proteins that regulate the growth and differentiation of cells).

The focus of our research and development is the treatment of inflammatory and degenerative diseases. Thereby, we want to improve the health and the quality of life of patients – we share this aim with doctors, researchers and sales partners all over the world.