shutterstock_112487381_kleinGOLD is one of the oldest medicines in the history of humankind: “Aurum Metallicum”, the “Metal of Light”.

Only now can the scientists explain unequivocally, why the mystical metal can actually heal. Swedish and US-American researchers ascertained that gold has a regulating effect on the human immune system if given in minute doses.

Gold is a highly effective drug; even doctor and alchemist Paracelsus used the precious metal because of its healing properties. Doctors use this material likewise since thousands of years, even today in dentistry, in the treatment of rheumatism and especially in homeopathy, for example for depressions, anxiety states and fatigue. At the end of the 19th century, gold was also prescribed for syphilis and tuberculosis.

The positive effect of gold is well known and sufficiently documented in rheumatology. However, together with the good healing effect, gold often has side-effects on the body. Therefore, the objective in developing the GOLDIC® technology was to use the positive effect of gold as medicine without its possible side-effects.

While the properties of gold colloids have been studied for over a century, their use in living cells has become known only a few years ago. Therefore, the goal in developing the GOLDIC® technology was to allow for contact of endogenous blood cells and specially designed gold particles outside the patient’s body. The analysis of the effect of gold in the different phases of an immune reaction indicates that gold plays an important role already at the beginning of this reaction, namely in the uptake and expression of foreign antigens.

Spectacular properties:

Special gold particles are often used in chemistry, biology, engineering and medicine; these reproducible particles can be modified and manufactured. In recent years, the scientific focus of the application of such materials was directed towards the research of new medical therapies in connection with cells.

Designed gold particles have a positive effect on the most important biological functions of the organism, in which they act on the cellular level. We use the biological effects of gold particles, which depend upon: their size, structure, surface, concentration and the application.