In the diverse medical community, a growing interest is emerging for the area of regenerative and personalized medicine.

The aim of our GOLDIC homepage is to share information and to emphasize the meaning of cell biology for regeneration in modern medicine.

The application and sharing of knowledge is of great importance for us. To share this information with patients, clients and partners means for us to pursue ideas, expand our knowledge and to develop our concepts further in consultation with others. A sense for trends, variety of ideas and the exchange of knowledge make it possible to continuously improve and expand our competencies in the healthcare industry.

Specialized medical information is edited in a generally understandable way on our portal. The reliable patient information on different medical conditions and health matters is based on the best knowledge currently available.

Arthrogen, as the manufacturer and distributor of these medical devices, does not practice medicine, does not provide medical advice and does not recommend the use of this or any other method of treatment in certain patients.

The information on this website is not intended to replace any advice given by a physician or other qualified person about the use of these products. You should speak to your doctor or healthcare professional about your condition and the suitability of GOLDIC medical devices for you. The information on this website may not replace individual advice from professionals.